Repairing Water Damage

Repairing a Water-Damaged iPhone: Facts vs Fiction


More and more phones are becoming splash-friendly but there’s still the need to correct the wrong notions held by most people. Most flagship phones today are designed to resist water to an appreciable degree. That’s not to say you should go swimming with your iPhone the next time you’re out.

If by chance your water-resistant or non-water-resistant iPhone ends up getting damaged by water, what would be next best step to take?

You probably must have scoured the internet for some of those tricks and myths about restoring water-damaged phones. The problem is that most of these alleged solutions will usually end up compounding the problem in most cases.


Should you really apply heat?

Before you think of applying heat to that iPhone you bought with your hard-earned money, you should think twice because it can actually damage your phone the more.

Apple iPhones can ordinarily withstand up to about 112°F in heat. However, they perform optimally between 32°F and 95°F. Should you go this route, your device risks further damage in two different ways.


Extreme heat application can warp some parts of your device’s interior and can also jeopardize your iPhone’s Li-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries will lose their ionizing ability, losing their ability to charge, when subjected to extreme heat.

Additionally, using a blow dryer will push air into your device, spreading the water into other parts of the interior. This is also likely to extend the water damage as well.


The old rice trick

Putting a phone into a bag or bowl of rice is also one of the most recommended tricks to dry off an iPhone after water contact. Truth is water will very well absorb moisture but the inefficiency of this method makes it unsuitable for many cases.

First of all, the motherboard starts to corrode after contact with water. Unfortunately, water may absorb internal moisture but it does nothing to fix this corrosion.

That said, the rice will also leave behind some sugar and starch residues. These residues will enhance the inherent corrosion, resulting in further damages to your device.


Warranties do not cover water damage

Manufacturer defects are usually covered by carrier or manufacturer warranties but accidental damages such as a cracked screen, or liquid damage, in this case, are exempted from the Apple Care Protection Plan and the one-year limited warranty.


The choices before you, in this case, range from finding a professional to help you with repair, to paying for an early upgrade or buying a new phone entirely.

Of the three, repairing the iPhone seems the most affordable option. Should you need an expert technician to help you repair your water-damaged iPhone or any other fault; you can always count on us here at Eleven9PhoneRepair for lasting and affordable repair solutions.


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